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"As a Healthcare Collections Manager, I have utilized Piedmont Credit and Collections as a full service collection agency for almost 3 decades. Their customer service has always been very prompt and they strive to collect our accounts in a timely, efficient and professional manner. I am quite comfortable with the working relationship with the staff and feel our accounts are in very capable hands when I make new placements with PCCS. In addition, I can always depend on Brian to be up to date on any changes in Collection Laws or Regulations pertaining to our specific needs. I would highly recommend this agency and its services.”


"The service my company receives from Brian and his team at Piedmont Credit & Collections Services is first rate. They provide professional, automated and customized solutions that boost revenue and have drastically improved our rate of return."


"I wholeheartedly recommend Piedmont Credit & Collection Services to any business that values a reliable, efficient and transparent collections service."


"Working with Mr. Finney and Piedmont Credit & Collections is a pleasure, his efforts have provided our company significant financial gains reliably and consistently for years."


"In the span of our company's 35 year history we've seen extreme highs and wrenching lows, the service and personalized attention we receive from Piedmont Collections and Mr. Finney have been rock solid and dependable throughout."

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